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Our Mission

WALTER is dedicated to providing the highest quality recycling services to our customers including easy to schedule pickups, secure handling of sensitive materials, and deep commitment to our environment. We do this while providing job opportunities for young people facing persistent barriers to employment. We are dedicated to growing our innovative targeted open-hiring process to reach out to the young adults who are most left behind in our economy.

Our Vision

We envision a world where dedication to inclusive open-hiring ensures that the emerging circular economy benefits both people and planet. We know that the young people who are consistently left behind are critical to building an inclusive circular economy that can benefit us all.


Our Roots

The idea for WALTER came from our founder after his years running the ATD Fourth World’s Story Garden in Brownsville. Many of the youth who grow up with the Story Garden have great energy and entrepreneurial aspirations but few have meaningful opportunities for stable and meaningful work once they get older. WALTER seeks to address the needs of these young adults by providing them with skills, increased financial security, and a sense of community so they can thrive. WALTER was developed as a social business so that it would be self-sufficient and not rely on nonprofit grant cycles. This corporate structure was also chosen so that those who join WALTER can be part of co-creating and growing a vibrant, mission-driven enterprise which gives pride and agency.



WALTER was featured at the 2023 United Nations Commission for Social Development and honored to be the recipient of the 2023 French American Entrepreneurship Award.


Our partners

WALTER has established workforce development partnerships with recognized non-profit organizations including Goodwill, Good Shepherd and St. Nicks Alliance to help train and provide job opportunities to young adults with barriers to employment. We are committed to working and learning together.

Our customers

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