IT Assets Disposition


Disposing of IT assets, such as computers, servers, and other electronic devices, in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner is essential to minimize the impact on the environment and ensure data security. 

At WALTER, we ensure that your IT Assets are processed according to the highest environmental standards.

In order to keep maximum visibility on your items, we suggest partner companies to take the following steps :

Inventory and Assessment

WALTER encourages its customers to conduct an inventory of all IT assets to determine what needs to be disposed of.. Evaluating the condition and usefulness of each item helps decide whether it can be reused (WALTER can offer a buy backs on functional items), recycled, or should be securely disposed of. If you need assistance with this, WALTER will be happy to provide this service.


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WALTER uses its own truck and a team of professionals to come and pick up your items at your convenience.

We ensure an end-to-end chain of custody of all items including data-bearing devices.

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Data Sanitization and Destruction:

WALTER  ensures that all data stored on the devices is securely wiped or destroyed to protect sensitive information. 

We are compliant with data security and privacy laws and regulations. We offer onsite and offsite data destruction options. Our methods are NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M compliant, and detailed reports are generated for each customer.


If the IT assets are still functional and can meet the needs of another organization or individual, WALTER will refurbish the items in order to extend the useful life of the equipment and reduce waste.


For non-functional or outdated devices, recycling is the most environmentally responsible option. WALTER is a certified e-waste recycling facility that adheres to proper recycling and disposal practices.


Recycling certificate

Our reports are in compliance with the State of New York Regulations. 

WALTER provides recycling reports for each lot picked up at our clients’ facilities. This report gives comprehensive details about the items recycled (including type of items and weight). 

Serialized certificate

Upon request, the Serial Certificate will give the specifics of the data destruction, including serial number of each hard drive and time of destruction.   

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Roxane Durand

Thank you Walter team for your professionalism and flexibility ! As a company, we are very grateful for your service and for the opportunity to support your mission and thus participate in creating a positive impact on our environment and our communities.
– Roxane Durand, ESG Project Director at MANE

Andrew Kornhaber

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Walter! I run a production company and had to recycle over 75 hard drives, a few small servers, and a few broken computer towers. I was looking at upwards of $1000 for proper e-waste recycling, but fortunately I found Walter. Not only, was I able to do a same day drop off at no cost, but. . . everyone who worked there was incredibly polite and engaged, they stayed open for me (I arrived a few minutes after they normally close) and they gave me a tour of their facilities. Not only did I save my business a lot of money, I was able to do so with a place that is making a meaningful impact in their community. I’ve got this place saved on my google map cause I’ll definitely be heading back there if I need to do more e-waste recycling!

Vipech B

I needed a CRT tv for a school project and was incredibly fortunate to find these guys. All the TVs were already tested too so I knew what I was getting. Plenty of other older working tech available as well. Shout out to Jonathan and the team— they were all incredibly helpful. Definitely recommend.

Susie Devins

My computer which I use both for personal and work purposes went kaput suddenly. I couldn’t spend a lot of money on a brand new computer and a friend told me about WALTER and the refurbished computers they sell. I contacted them and within days they had a fairly recent MAC all lined up for me. The staff were easy to deal with, the MAC arrived quickly and in good shape. An IT guy helping me to learn this machine marveled at how fast it was working. I paid about a third of what a new one would cost. Thank you WALTER people

Andrew T. White

I had an awesome experience visiting Walter. I went to drop off an old computer and ended up discovering a great resource. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. They gave me a tour of their warehouse and I ended up leaving with a hard drive. If you’re looking for reasonably priced electronics they are a great resource.

Muriel Pereira
It was easy and convenient to recycle my old electronics. The team was friendly and helped me unload my stuff. Thanks!

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